Instructional APPS

Mobile apps

Currently on my Android phone I'm using Da Tuner (very responsive), Mobile Metronome, Recorder (that's all it's called) and lyrics app. I'm also a fan of the Sound Cloud website, a useful tool for musicians (particularly composers). 

On my IPOD I'm using Guitar World lick of the day, Bebot (a great theronem app), and Apples built in voice recorder (works really well). The voice recorder is great for keeping track of musical ideas or listening to yourself play.

Guitar pro

Guitar pro is good piece of software for the aspiring guitarist or bassist. The quality of tabs is better than difficult to read internet tabs and rhythms are provided. There are a number of tabs provided online for the software, simply search guitar pro tabs. You can slow playback down and isolate particular parts in the song in addition to composing your own riffs and songs. The software also comes in an apple app format. 

Here is a link to download the trial version

Unfortunately the trial version is quite limited and you'd have to buy the software to remove the limitations. If your one of my students and interested in purchasing the software I'd recommend discussing it with me. 

An important tip:

An extensive collection of music (mostly popular) is available through the Ultimate Guitar Archive at

Search for the song you are interested in and click on tabs that state "guitar pro" on the right hand side. Some of the tabs are not written for the guitar pro software - these versions lack detail. Once selected scroll down below the built in player and click the small "download guitar pro tab." It's difficult to spot as they do try to sell you on the built in player - however it isn't necessary.


My new favorite app for learning songs and practicing improvisation is iRealb. It's available on an android or apple platform - just search the market. Not only can you find a large variety of songs on the forum, it also plays the chord changes for you! It's a band in a box allowing you to practice songs and improvise. Try using your chords and arpeggios while playing along! It's a very useful device - I've been using it to work out walking bass line on jazz progressions, however it has a wide variety of applications.