Buying a guitar online

One of my student just bought a higher end Pavan classical guitar. They have great reviews and are shipped from New York. I was rather impressed by the build quality, acoustics and tone - a really high value guitar. Quality classical guitars are hard to find for a reasonable dollar so I thought I would share his email with everyone. He writes..... 

This is the place I got my guitar from. They seem to carry a good range of mid to high-end used instruments. They were helpful on the phone and their return policy and shipping were quite reasonable:

Here are some links for future reference: 

Pavan Guitars:

Great Classical Guitar Forum:


Personally I prefer coated strings of any kind, they don't affect the tone to any perceptible degree and they last considerably longer. Most companies advertise 3x as long before tone loss occurs, however find it to be at least that long if not 5x as long. If you have dry hands you may find the effect to be less noticeable, as protection from our natural oils is the main reason for the coating. Coated strings seem to be the least expensive on Ebay even with shipping, standard strings are really affordable at Axe music (they seem to have the best prices on strings). 

My personal favorites 

Steel string folk guitars 



EXP D'Addario or Savarez 

Electric guitar 

EXP D' Addario or Elixer

A student recommended this site to me. Looks to be a good place to purchase rare strings and specialty strings at lower prices.

Guitar repairs

If you are interested in a used guitar or amplifier I can recommend Lorne Goebel, he carries a wide variety of electrics, amplifiers, and a few acoustic guitars. He is normally willing to offer discounts to my students. He also provides repairs, setup and adjustments at reasonable rates. For example an electric guitar setup is usually 25$. He can be reached at 403 479 7956 or 

That being said I would recommend Charles Shifflet for serious repairs on expensive acoustic guitars He is the only Luther I know of in the Calgary area (his shop is in High River). He makes all sorts of wonderful (but expensive) acoustic instruments from wood.

Robot guitar

One of my students recently purchased a Gibson robot guitar for Lorne, so I thought I would provide a few useful links. I own one of these and love it!