Instructional VIDEOS

Sean's Classical guitar channel

Here is a link to Sean's classical guitar channel where there are quite a few demonstrations. Sean works weddings and corporate events in the Calgary area.

Jazz guitar lick

Here is a quick lesson on how to play a chromatic jazz lick in the style of Pat Metheny. Please click here to view notation for this video lesson.

Pulp fiction soundtrack "Miserlou"

Notes: Remember to play the sixteenth notes slowly with the metronome, gradually speeding up in small increments. Most of the movement is on beat three. Stay relaxed and minimize your pick movement during the tremolo, playing faster is about efficiency - go for short relaxed strokes. Remember to click on the instructional video as well if you wish to learn the song.

Demontration video


Click here for an instruction video

Stairway to Heaven

Notes: Remember to play this piece legato (hold your notes down so they ring together). This classic song is based on an arpeggio idea (where the notes of a chord are played one at a time). Remember to click the instructional video if you are interested in learning the piece. Great piece to work on your fingerpicking and planting technique (a right hand classical technique).


Click here for an instruction video